A bit about me.

Since this is my first legitimate post on here I thought I’d post a bit of information about myself to begin with.

I’m currently working in a hospital for the NHS in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in Medicine of the Elderly. This required me to move away from my home town in Ashington, Northumberland. I qualified last June and gave myself a much needed break over the summer and got a job at Argos till mid march March 2013  then on the 18th I started my first OT post!  I was a bit apprehensive about moving here. Even though I love the city and I have a couple of friends who live here I knew the stress of moving away from home, living on my own and starting my first ever OT job would be overwhelming.

Outside of work I use social networking for support at times and engage in talks such as #OTalk on Tuesdays when I can on Twitter. I recently participated in a talk about the transition from student to practitioner which inspired me to start this Blog and I belong to several OT groups on Facebook.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_samrutherford.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sam.rutherford.712

So as I write this I’m just over a month into my first post. I’ve been spending a lot of my time seeing friends I’ve made here and sorting my flat out so unfortunately I’ve not had much time to Blog but here’s hoping this is the start!

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